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Kent International, Inc. Age: 4years and up

The Boys' Genesis 18" Glitch BMX Bicycle is a great bike for your young rider! It is a single speed BMX style bike with a steel freestyle frame and heavy duty training wheels. This bike also has front pegs, textured hand-grips and a translucent green chain guard. The quick adjust seat lets the rider adjust as they grow. It has a four bolt stem, foot brakes and dual hand brakes for added convenience. This is a great bike for learning and beyond with a super cool paint job! It also comes with removable training wheels. Genesis 18 In. Glitch Boy's BMX Bike, Blue/Green:< Single speed steel frame bike Freestyle frame with BMX handlebars Black textured hand grips Green Front Pegs Heavy Duty Training Wheels Translucent green chain guard Foot brakes and dual handbrakes Spoke wheels For Height 3'8" and Up Customer Service: 1-800-451-KENT Kent. Bike/pages/download-manuals

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  • 4years and up