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Mattel GAMES

Mattel Games HCC21 - UNO Triple Play


Be ready to play all sorts of dice games with a Dice Bonanza Pack. This dice pack gives you 60 gaming dice, including multiples of d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 dice. They're colorful and have clear edges for clean rolls. The dice also have large, thick numbers that are easy to read, with the 6s and 9s marked with a dot for quick recognition. Great for dice collectors, this pack of polyhedral dice will keep your family busy and having fun for hours. Ages 6 and up.


Penguin Putnam

“Sometimes having company is not all it’s cracked up to be.” Fifteen-year-old Finn is a loner, living with his dad and his amazing dog, Dylan. This summer he’s hoping for a job where he doesn’t have to talk to anyone except his pal Matthew. Then Johanna moves in next door


Brown Watson Book & Others

This is a great story book collection for your little ones from ages 3+. Its high time to help your little one cultivate the habit of reading. Help them by reading these collections to them and also build their library. This pack contains interesting 6 collective stories. (Afanti, Little Tadpole, Looking for Mummy, Fisherman and the Gold Fish, The Little Match Girl, Tortoise and the Hare and the Adventures of Pinocchio)


School Zone

29 activity pages, 2 answer key pages, 1 award certificate For ages 6+ 7.75" x 10.75" pages with durable glossy cover 2nd graders practice important readiness skills: Telling Time, Sentence Structure, Parts of Speech, Addition & Subtraction, Fractions, and More Little learners build a foundation in early Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies skills Bright, kid-friendly illustrations and activities make learning fun Clear examples and step-by-step instructions make it easy for kids to work at their own pace Slim and portable, perfect for on-the-go learning!



This monster-themed game features a monster roller spitting out dice, matching dice, colorful monster face cards and monster puzzle pieces to keep score. For 2 to 4 players ages 3 years and older.



"Make slime fashionable with Glam Goo! Customize and decorate your slime, then store and carry it in your cool fashion accessories! Create and wear beautiful slime with Glam Goo! Start with clear slime (its made with love), mix in your choice of slime decorations (how about some unicorn tears or galaxy crunch?) and your slime is ready. Play with it to get into Zen mode or take your slime with you in your fashions! Fill your accessories with the perfect slime to match your outfit every day. Customize your heart necklace and rainbow keychain with your favorite slime!"


Make it Real

Glitter Confetti Locking Journal with Pen - Sparkling glitter spiral bound 6 "x 8" journals include a printed 3-D applique and sparkling confetti. These 200 page journals come with color lined and printed pages, a sparkling gem lock and a feather pen. Packaged in an acetate gift box.


LOL Suprise

With the LOL Surprise! Pass The Surprise Game its a race to pass the ball before the LOL character pops out! Players set the timer on the electronic LOL Surprise! ball and pass it from one player to the next - when the timer expires an LOL Surprise! character pops up. The player who gets the surprise is eliminated, players reset the ball and continue playing. The last player remaining is the winner! Randomized timer lengths, exclusive LOL sounds, and 1 of 4 assorted LOL Surprise! characters keeps gameplay exciting!



Decorate your slime, then store and carry it in your cool fashion accessories create and wear beautiful start with fluffy slim, mix in your choice of decorations how about some unicorn tears or galaxy crunch and your slime is ready. Play with it to get into zen mode or take your slime with you in your fashions fill your accessories with the perfect slime to match your outfit every day. Your bow bracelet and bunny key chain with your favorite slime.


Penguin Putnam

First he was known as Tommy, then Woodrow, and eventually, Mr. President. Born on December 28, 1856, in Staunton, Virginia, Thomas Woodrow Wilson was a born leader. He was the president of Princeton University, served as governor of New Jersey after that, and was then elected president of the United States. But not everything was so easy for Wilson. He was ahead of his time in wanting a League of Nations after World War I to help prevent another war like it, but his hopes were dashed when the United States refused to join.


Brown Watson Book & Others

Plenty of phonics and spelling skills practice is provided in this fun puzzle activity book for use at home. Children are given lots of opportunities to improve their phonics, word-building, spelling and vocabulary, with links to the spelling requirements of each primary year group. Children can build an understanding of spelling rules and patterns using fun puzzles Challenging activities support more able children and practice activities support less confident children


DK Books

The Kidds - treasure hunting family extraordinare - are heading to China, on a journey that will lead them beyond the Great Wall and into the underbelly of Berlin. Bick and Beck Kidd are desperately trying to secure the ancient Chinese artefact that will buy their mother's freedom from renegade pirates. But when the kidnappers force them to locate an even greater treasure - priceless paintings stolen by Nazis, the Kidds must rely on their own cunning and experience to outwit the criminals, all while their mom's life is on the line.



Make a rainbow of crunchy flower slimes with Poopsie Slime Smash. Each box includes 4 adorable flower cases and everything you need to decorate your slime. Inside each case, find pre-made slime with a crunchy, glitter surprise inside. Customize your slime with sparkly toppings and additional slimes. Then, SMASH to reveal the crunchy surprise inside and mix the different textures together. Store your slime in the adorable flower cases. Each Slime Smash includes 4 flower cases with 4 slimes, 3 Sparkle packets, 1 Shimmer packet, 1 Sprinkles packet and 2 additional slimes. Collect all 16 slime flowers.



"This radical set comes with colored pencils, erasers, stickers, and all the inspiration you need to create the fantastic art of your dreams. It includes: 1 full size Sketchpad 6 colored pencils, 2 erasers pencil sharpener full sticker sheet The all-in-one sketching set is a perfect arts and crafts gift that will encourage kids to unleash their imaginations on paper."



Bring your princess' Dreams to life with the Little Tikes ice princess magic mirror! The magical styling set comes with a hair dryer, comb, nail polish and lipstick so that your princess can get ready for the ball all by herself. The ice princess magic mirror makes role play even more fantastical with magical sounds and glowing lights (3 AA batteries required, not included). sit your princess down in the included Chair and let her imagination take her anywhere. When she's finished getting ready for the ball, she can even store all of her makeup and accessories in the built-in storage drawer.


Brown Watson Book & Others

Two of America's best-loved inspirational speakers share the very best of their collected stories and favorite tales that have touched the hearts of people everywhere. Canfield and Hansen bring you wit and wisdom, hope and empowerment to buoy you through life's dark moments.


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going “old school” just too hard for a kid like Greg


'Britain's King of Puzzles'Sun A second collection of restful puzzles and brain-training activities, designed to relieve stress andinspire creativity. This book features a wide range of specially selected games to provide the perfect level of challenge and reward for your brain


Brown Watson Book & Others

*Why do other kids pick on me? *How can I zap these spots? *Why are my parents always fighting? *Why have my periods stopped? Find the answers to these and zillions of other questions on... Sex and growing up, weight and diet, relationships and family problems, smoking, drinking and drugs, stress and depression, and much, much more. BLreal questions drawn from over 8,500 emails sent to the award-winning website, which has had over 6 million hits since its launch in 2000 BLquestion-and-answer format - speaks directly to teenagers


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