Business to Business Sales

You are welcome to our private sales Section customized for business to business interactions. Here, we take business with us to a whole new level.
We are poised to help you save money and help you make good profit through the sales of our products. With our great customer service and after sales support, we are positioned to

  • Make available a wide range of our products at discounted prices
  • Help save time and stress spent on procurement and direct importation
  • Help you make the best return on investment as you save the time spent tying down money for importation
  • Save you the hassles of clearing and all related hurdles.

Most Items available for wholesale have the “wholesale tag” on them. Please click HERE to view our catalog Items
Please register and send us an email to have a B2B account with us. Alternatively,
Click here to see our catalog of items available for wholesale…
Please click Register for a B2B account
You can also click order as a shortcut to place an order for B2B

We are so excited to have you here.
You are welcome

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