Chicken Farmer Play Set FXP15


  • 3 Years +

  • Wholesale available

  • Role Playing

Barbie career dolls and toys inspire kids to dream big and aim high! These Barbie Playsets turn the workspace into a play space with job-related furniture and accessories that let young professionals explore their dream aspirations. Each doll and playset has lots of pieces, with signature Barbie style, for lots of learning and playing opportunities. The chicken farmer doll raises fun with a henhouse for her three chickens and two chicks; a basket and egg tray are additional ingredients for storytelling recipes. Barbiechicken farmer doll has a Bent elbow to allow her to hold the pail or carry a chicken. She inspires young animal lovers in a casually professional outfit with "live love farm" Graphic on her t-shirt and tall red boots. Kids will love the opportunity to try on different career hats and explore their dreams. Pick one profession or try them all because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Barbie doll, a chicken coop with ramp, three chickens, two chicks, one basket and a tray of eggs. Barbie doll cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.

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Age: 3 Years +


Sku: 5883C

2.34 x 449.25 x 1.98 inches
2.34 x 449.25 x 1.98 inches

Additional Notes:

  • The three chickens are pretty in different colors, and the chicks will steal animal lovers' hearts.
  • Play out gathering eggs with a basket and tray of eggs.​
  • Barbie® doll is dressed in a pink t-shirt with farm graphic, denim shorts and red boots.
  • Favorite farm animal with Barbie® chicken farmer doll and her chicken coop!
  • A grassy spot for the animals and a ramp for the animals to use.​
  • The henhouse has "nests" for the hens and chicks as well as a shelf for storage