Kingdom Builders - Hex Castle


  • 3 Years +

  • Wholesale available

  • Imagination

  • Role Playing

Welcome to Kingdom builders! Where you have the power to build anything you want. Armor-clad builders must defend hex castle against the mischievous bashers and their wreckin roller. ​King hex is the respected leader of builder a. He is responsible for protecting the magic tools. Nothing satisfies King hex more than the progress and results of building. ​Watch the adventures of Kingdom builders on YouTube!

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Age: 3 Years +


Sku: 5642

20.32 x 41.91 x 77.47 cm; 2.72 Kilograms

Additional Notes:

  • Includes exclusive King Hex figure who transforms into a real, working socket wrench.
  • Hex castle builds to over 2 1/2 feet tall!
  • Dropping balcony, hidden trapdoor and much more!
  • Hex castle is full of surprises with a secret dungeon, working drawbridge
  • All Kingdom builders work together to - build, bash, remodel
  • Use King Hex in tool form to build your Kingdom