N-Strike Elite Scout MKII Blaster


  • 8 Years +

  • Concentration

Scout out the competition and strike fast with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Scout MKII blaster! The rotating barrel holds 4 Nerf Elite darts and unleashes them 1 at a time. Load 4 darts into the front of the barrel, pull back the handle to prime the blaster, and pull the trigger to fire 1 dart. When the battle calls for mobility, grab the Scout MKII blaster to stay ready to act quickly as the action heats up. The Nef N-Strike Elite Scout MKII blaster comes with 4 Nerf Elite darts designed for distance.

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Age: 8 Years +


Sku: 6119

2.52 x 11.26 x 8.86 inches
2.52 x 11.26 x 8.86 inches

Additional Notes:

  • 4-dart rotating drum
  • Fires 4 darts in a row
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Includes: blaster and 4 darts.