Q.T. Unicorns Shannon Shy


  • 3 - 6 Years

  • Wholesale available

  • Imagination

The Q.T. Unicorns have all the feels, and they each represent an emotion. Which one do you feel like today? Introducing Poopsie Q.T. Unicorns, the collectible mini unicorns that come in a rainbow of colors. Each cute little unicorn features long, beautiful, brushable hair that you can play with and style. Also includes a comb. And each unicorn has a surprise scent, like birthday cake, gummy bears and more! Meet Shannon Shy, she's a beautiful, blue unicorn with magical wings. She's so sweet, but a little shy and bashful. Pop out the trading cards on the back of the packaging to learn more about each character and trade with your friends. Collect all 6 Poopsie Q.T. Unicorns to complete the rainbow.

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Age: 3 - 6 Years


Sku: 7513d

2 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches Item Weight 0.16
2 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches Item Weight 0.16

Additional Notes:

  • MEET SHANNON SHY: She's a cute & adorable 4.5" tall mini unicorn with a beautiful blue color, magical wings and a sparkly unicorn horn
  • THEY HAVE ALL THE FEELS: Each Q.T. Unicorn represents an emotion. Shannon Shy is so sweet but a little shy and bashful!
  • BEAUTIFUL UNICORNS: Admire your unicorn's glittery metallic horn & hooves, long hair, and big eyes with long eyelashes