Stacking Action Blocks


  • 6 Months +

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Early Learning Skills

  • Affective Skills

  • Concentration

Building blocks haven’t seen this much action! (Until now, that is.) The fun really stacks up for baby with the Fisher-Price Stacking Action Blocks. Each building block offers your baby 4 sides of play: letters, numbers, peek-a-boo play and a fun action. The blue block’s fun action is a rolling drum, the red block’s is a spinning wheel with beads trapped inside, and the yellow block’s is a clicking dial. Pressing the buttons on top makes the fun actions happen on each block. Or baby can stack the blocks tall and activate them all with one “magic” press of the top button! You’ll love watching as the fun builds, along with fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination! Your little one will enjoy 4 sides of play on every block. One side features ABCs; another 1,2,3s; still another offers peek-a-boo fun with cute animal pals and the last has a unique action. Press the button on top of each block to make the action happen. ..the drum will roll, the wheel will spin or the dial will click!

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Age: 6 Months +


Sku: 4770

Dimensions 2.73 x 2.73 x 3.6 inches
Dimensions 2.73 x 2.73 x 3.6 inches

Additional Notes:

  • Includes 3 blocks with skill-building activities to press, flip, spin, turn and more
  • Baby’s actions make fun things happen, introducing baby to cause & effect
  • Stacking encourages development of eye-hand coordination
  • Baby can stack all 3 and press the top for a tower of “magical” motion
  • Hands-on activities help baby strengthen fine motor skills