Just Born Puppy


  • 3 Years +

  • Role Playing

  • Wholesale available

Cute Lil’ Pups is the only line of stray pups that want to be adopted, cared for and played with, just like real pups. This cute lil' pup was just born! They are soft and cuddly and just want to be cared for. Your little one will love feeding the pup, putting them down for a nap and playing, just like a real puppy.

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Age: 3 Years +


Sku: 4561

5.25 x 8 x 10 inches Item

Additional Notes:

  • Soft cuddly puppy comes with bottle and adoption certificate
  • Feed the puppy from the bottle when they are hungry or thirsty
  • Puppy also burps, snores and barks